There may still be time... It's time for Plan B!!!

List your home.  Get it sold.  Avoid Foreclosure.

If you've tried everything to stay in your home (i.e. Loan Modification, Re-payment Plan, etc..) OR it's just time to move on, there are two good options:

1: IF You have EQUITY in your home. 

1st STEP: Find your home's Current Market Value, and list it with a Licensed Realtor, like myself. 

2ND STEP: Price it right and get it SOLD Quickly (you may have very little time).  Pricing your home at the Current Market Value, will make sure that the home is sold in a timely manner, therefore avoiding FORECLOSURE and collecting YOUR EQUITY. 


2:  IF You have NO EQUITY in your home.  You may qualify for a Short Sale or Pre-Foreclosure Sale,  where your mortgage lender may be willing to take LESS than what is currently owed on the home. 

1st step:  Sit down with a Short Sale Specialist (Licensed Realtor), like myself, to determine if you qualify (most of the time if they've said NO to loan modificaiton they will say YES to a Short Sale). 

2nd step:  I will get your home listed on the MLS, and start negotiations with the bank, allowing you to take the time you need to focus on what matters (if you ALREADY have a foreclosure sale date many times I can get the bank to postpone the sale, giving you more time in your house). This option may give you the time you need, allowing you to figure out your next step, while avoiding the negative impact of FORECLOSURE, and sometimes you can continue to live in your home for several extra months while we negotiate with your lender.

***In Most cases this option is completely FREE to you, and sometimes we are able to get you $$$ to relocate!!!***


To find out what you could potentially sell your home for, or to set up a consultation with myself, a Licensed Realtor and Short Sale Specialist, fill out the information below or call 801-309-3268

I will contact with you within 48 hours. 


See this article for recent Loan Modification Statistics:

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